Zoey Clark was the girlfriend of James Jesse, the Trickster, and worked beside him as Prank. Together, they had a son, Axel Walker, who went on to become the second Trickster.

After her son was incarcerated, she orchestrated a plot to break him out of prison. She originally planned for them to leave Central City, but Axel was determined to make his father proud of him.

Realizing how determined her son was, Zoey stopped taking her medication and again took up the role of Prank to help him. The pair set in motion a plan to capture and kill the Elongated Man, but instead captured Vibe and Killer Frost. They used the pair to lure the Elongated Man out, but were captured by him.[1]



  • Mental Illness: Much like her former flame, Zoey is crazy. However, she took medication to suppress her insanity to raise Axel. When Axel proved he was determined to continue his father's legacy, Zoey stopped taking her medication and embraced her own supervillain identity.[1]



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