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Zombie was an associate of the criminal Bane and was instrumental in helping Bane establish a foothold in Gotham City's criminal underworld.

Zombie was an assistant at the medical facilities of Peña Duro and he witnessed the evolution of Bane. Zombie aided Bane on the breakout from the prison and joined him in his crusade to take down Batman[1] He assisted Bane in orchestrating a massive breakout at Arkham Asylum[2] and also provided his employer with daily dosages of Venom.[3]

Zombie, as well as Bird and Trogg, provided Bane with information about the various super-criminals of Gotham City.[4]

Zombie was the second of Bane's henchmen to attack Batman before his encounter with Bane. However, Batman defeated him with no effort.[5]

Bane's Criminal Empire

Shortly after Bird's encounter with Batman, Bane defeated the Dark Knight and his rise to the power started. Bird, Trogg and Zombie started a rampage over the city to eliminate competition and recruit more members to Bane's crime empire, as they were commanded by their boss. They even tried to recruit Catwoman, without success.[6]

Bird, Trogg and Zombie were sent by Bane to verify the supposed threat of a new Batman and the three of them were brutally defeated by the new Dark Knight.[7] They were arrested and locked away by the police and each of them were interrogated about Bane's activities, but none of them revealed anything. They were soon sprung out of prison and they thought it was all part of Bane's plan, but when they told their boss about their escape, they were once again attacked by Batman, who was responsible for releasing them and used them to locate Bane's hideout.[8] Bird, Trogg and Zombie were soon recaptured by the police and they couldn't break out since their leader, Bane, was captured shortly after.[9]




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