Ezekial was formerly a 1950s struggling popstar, an Elvis wannabe, who bargained with a demon, The Host, for eternal youngness and everlasting life, in exchange for "looking on a little property": supposed to be the Gate to the Underworld. However, as Ezekial repented and tried to escape on his motorcycle, the demon badly disfigured him by having one of his followers damaged Zeke's bike, thus ending his popstar's career, but without taking his immortality, leaving him to be as an half-rotted corpse for eternity.[1]

Ezekial lives in Tranquility's graveyard where he serves as grave keeper, and always talk to his pet snake Hamnet, who is generally wrapped around his arm.


  • Zeke is a very obvious homage of the Crypt Keeper, speaking in bad, horror-themed puns, though he has made at least one (unsuccessful) attempt to branch out to "a general thing of Man's inhumanity to Man." As part of this homage, Zeke appears as a half-rotted corpse.



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