Quote1.png Did you think to defeat Zorrm by inoculation?! Zorrm is a seething contagion! Quote2.png
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Zorrm is the Pestilence of the Four Horsemen of Apokolips.

Chang Tzu's Science Squad worked in an old Socialist Chinese facility on Oolong Island. With the aid of the brilliant geneticist Veronica Cale, they succeeded in creating four monstrous creatures which became known as the Four Horsemen of the Apokolips. Zorrm was the avatar of Pestilence, whose coming was foretold in the Bible of Crime. The Four Horsemen were created specifically to target Black Adam and his family and wipe them out.

Zorrm and his fellow Horsemen Azraeuz and Rogga traveled to Kahndaq where they met with their brother, Yurrd the Unknown (who had been posing as a benevolent crocodile named Sobek). Zorrm spread disease among Kahndaq, furthering its misery. After Yurrd killed Osiris, the Horsemen revealed themselves. Zorrm was able to infect Isis with several diseases, but was in turn defeated by Black Adam, who took his head off with Rogga's arm cannon.[1]


But the Four Horsemen had only lost their bodies, not their potencey. In time, Zorrm resurfaced in Bialya, taking possession of an apathetic doctor enjoying a cigarette. Using the mass of bodies within the country, as well as taking over President Rashid to prevent international or superhero action, Azraeuz set about making new bodies for himself and his brothers. Building a mound made of earth and corpses, the dead of Bialya were able to build new bodies for the Horsemen using morphogenetic technology that had been intended to raise a firepit in Bailya, using the corpses as conductors to fuel the pit after ignition. Unaware of their intent, the Justice Leaguers Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman tried to destroy the Horsemen by throwing a massive block of ice onto the mound. Unfortunately, the kinetic energy activated the firepit, allowing the Horsemen to empower their bodies and be reborn.[2] Restored, Zorrm along with Yurrd were dispatched by Azraeuz to deal with the Justice League.

Zorrm joined Yurrd in confronting Superman and Batman, homing in on Superman's infection. Zorrm quickly grew bored with the Kryptonian's resilience, but Yurrd claimed the kill. Suddenly, Zorrm was teleported to the moon by Red Arrow at Batman's request. Tracking Batman and Snapper Carr, Zorrm was burned by one of Batman's weapons, enraging the Horseman.[3] Zorrm then sought to kill Batman personally, at first looking for the Dark Knight on his own, but finally locating Batman through a rodent. Batman, however, injected Zorrm with morphine, which rendered the Horseman unconscious.[4] Denied a means to act, Zorrm abandoned his body and took over Superman, who was then transported to Oolong Island to assist Rogga in finishing off the scientists that created them. However, Veronica Cale, who had overseen the horsemens' rebirth, swallowed a crystal intended to contain their essences, and removed Zorrm's essence from Superman, reabosrbing it into the crystal and defeating him and the other Horsemen for now.[5]


  • Pestilence carrier control: Zorrm has control over various disease spreading organisms, such as rats and insects, using them as both a means to spread disease and as a surveillence system.[6]
  • Possession: Zorrm can possess a host body so that he can interact with the physical world.


  • "Invitation" required: Zorrm cannot possess anyone at will, but must instead be "invited" to possess the target host. This "invitation" is not necessarily intended or even knowingly made, but must be within the purview of the intended horsemen's domain, such as being infected with a disease or doing something less than healthy.


Gas tanks intended to carry various diseases.



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