Zotan was a brutal dictator from One Million AD who was exiled to 1953.

Zotan created mental weapons, enabling him to take over the country Javania. The enslaved people created a fleet of time ships, and Zotan then used his mental weapons to take control of Earth in 1953, with only the Marvel Family remaining. His fleets then conquered Egypt 3000 BC, Babylon 2000 BC, Greece 5th Century BC, and Rome 1 AD. With many centuries at his command, Zotan prepared to attack One Million AD. He lured the Marvels to One Million AD, while they were away from the Rock of Eternity he captured Shazam and when the Marvels returned to 1953 forced him to turn the Marvels back to their mortal forms. He then left the Wizard chained to a rock on a faraway world with a monster about to eat him. However Billy lit the brazier in the tunnel, summoning Shazam, enabling the Marvels to transform back. They stopped Zotan's troops as they attacked future Earth. The Marvels created counter-weapons to Zotan's, which freed the minds of those Zotan had conquered throughout history. After 1953 was freed Zotan tried to escape with his time belt. However Billy Batson was waiting for him and while he was off guard took his belt. Captain Marvel was summoned, who defeated Zotan, and the Dictator was jailed.




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