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 The Zulian Maletarians are a malevolent alien race that was born in ancient times into the Rao system. Eventually, they tried to conquer their star system but were defeated by the Kryptonians and banished into the plane of existence known as the Phantom Zone where they came to be known as Phantoms.


In ancient times, the Zulian Maletarians left their own planet to take over the Rao system; due to their ability to increase their ranks by possessing their enemies, the Zulians managed to conquer one planet after another until they were stopped by the Kryptonians' interventation.

The malevolent race was banished into another place of existence, the so-called Phantom Zone, where they became the new ruler of the realm and came to be known as the Phantoms. The now called Phantoms were so fierce that even the other residents of the Phantom Zone, including Zor-El and other criminal prisoners, feared them and avoided being around them.[1]

After the Crisis, the Phantom Zone was splitted into different dimensional planes so the Phantoms spread into this new archipelago of dimensions. Eventually, Kara Zor-El aka Supergirl was sent to the Phantom Zone by Lex Luthor and attracted the Phantoms' attention:[2] as she was powerless into the Phantom Zone, she was almost murdered by the malevolent beings but she was saved by her father Zor-El.[3]

Days later, after the Superfriends managed to open a portal to the Phantom Zone to rescue her, the Phantoms took a chance to invade their universe, led by the Prime Phantom.[3] After possessing Silas and other National City citizens, the Phantoms fought again the Superfriends but the heroes almost banished them all into their original realm : however, their leader, the Prime Phantom, managed to avoid his capture.[1]

Eventually, with the help of Miss Martian, who was previously almost taken over by the Phantoms, the Superfriends managed to track the Phantoms' lair where they stored the souls of the possessed citizens that were also powering upthe Prime Phantom. Dreamer managed to free the souls and cure everyone while Brainiac-5 defeated a depowered Prime Phantom, trapping him with his Prototrap.[4]

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