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Zumbado is a mass murderer who was convicted for his crimes and was sentenced to death because of them. On the day he was gifted his powers, Zumbado was sitting in the electric chair prepared to receive his death sentence. He currently rules over his world as a conqueror.


After the depletion of Earth's protective layers, Zumbado was among the twenty-nine people who were given access to "godlike" powers.[1] Some time after the crisis, a portion of those who were gifted fought for control of the Earth while the others fought to protect it.[1]

One month after the event, Zumbado was among the surviving fifteen that lived, and the remaining eight that stayed on Earth. They attempted to call a truce, yet he continued his conquest and was ultimately victorious in conquering half the world.[1]

After Naomi activates her hidden powers, Zumbado was able to track her to Earth 0.[1] He then takes her to her homeworld and attempts to deceive her.[2] Naomi reveals she knows of him and they clash. They are quickly interrupted by Akira, and Naomi is sent back to Earth 0. Zumbado attempts to go after her, but is knocked back through the portal by Naomi as it closes.[2]