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Quote1 Please find the strength to rise up and dispel these mockeries. And live to avenge them another day. Quote2
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Zvvireel was a Green Lantern from Sector 1013.

During the Blackest Night he traveled to Korugar to aid the Sinestro Corps to fight the Black Lantern Corps. He found Karu-Sil being attacked by the resurrected corpses of the beasts that raised her. Zvvireel used his power ring to stun the Black Lanterns and then explained to Karu-Sil that he needed her help to destroy them, as only the combined lights of at least two different corporations could manage this. Karu-Sil helped him reluctanly and the black lanterns were destroyed, however Karu-Sil was angered by the fact that she had to kill the beasts that she saw as her family and while Zvvireel asked if she was wounded she attacked him by surprise killing him instantly.






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