Zymyr was a member of the Legion of Super-Villains

Zymyr is a brilliant scientist and member of the long lived and technologically sophisticated race known as the Gil'Dishpan. Zymyr dissented from the official policy of gentle co-existence with sentient beings of races unsuitable for survival on the high pressure worlds Gil'Dishpan dwelled on. Zymyr believed that such lesser creatures were suitable for the amusement of his fellow master beings, and committed what were decreed to be crimes in experimenting on humans.

As a result, Zymyr was exiled from the company of his fellow beings sometime prior to the 30th Century. He took comfort in continuing his experiments with the equipment he had been permitted to bring with him. He was recruited as a member of the Legion of Super-Villains.


  • Gil'Dishpan Physiology
    • Telepathy: Zymyr is a telepath and can communicate with beings of all races at some distances.
    • Space Warps: Zymyr is able to create space warps that open instantaneous transport across interstellar or interdimensional space.



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